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2012/06/11Valley Chuanyue a warehouse Bruno Kanazawa Kanazawa · Eboshi Austrian wall south edge

[Members] N Field's, had planned to be 6/9 and 10 would normally I, I have become canceled due to bad weather. Other members There are also of course work that Monday. I originally Monday has put a Yukyu, now that because it is likely to be some time Oazuke enter the rainy season and miss this chance like the N-san was a good night to go to the desire of the Ryo Minami. What the first time N's Both of them rock of this Chang is that that there is that you have done up to 1P of Minamiryo. Reassuring. We have decided to variously facing listen to the advice in advance to various seniors. We arrived in Ichinokura Deai was about 22 o'clock the day before. Although the water I did not state that it rains, Deai is light rain pattern. . We went to bed early to pray tomorrow's weather recovery. On the day, 3:30 wake up. Clouds had sunny although there slightly and immediately observe the weather outside. However, since the eve of the rain, climber Rashiki people here and there and are thinking a moment whether or not to climb. After that duo, things go south edge also came five sets of the party. We also immediately, we get down to preparation.,ja 5:00 I will head to tail ridge from Deai. 5:17 Tail Ridge arrival. 6:43 South ridge terrace arrival. 7:15 Climb begins. (Ⅳ): Lead: I, follow: This Chan is hard protection is still seen Mr. N. (Ⅳ): I will continue to climb IN's, shouting: Read: N's, follow. (Ⅲ): Read: N's, follow: the middle ... not you difficult than Ⅲ class I, there was a suspension Fulcrum, but was cut at the destination will not turn off the pitch here. (Ⅳ): Read: N's(The), Follow-up: N-san has lead to crack toward you so say me hand over to you the heart of P I final. (Ⅴ): You can see it is wet drenched just see from Mr. N below: lead: I, follow. 10:15 End point after arrival both of them, rest a while. 10:54 6I was suspended from start Runze. 14:49 I would take the time to arrival Deai down, but let's good: It's been coming back to safety. (Laugh) I arrived to return it refreshing in hot water Terme return.

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