2013/05/21 Asi Full rock field

-Asi Full rock field - 2013.5.21

TEAM BOUSE-BOYS I captain Full Xi ni Yori, weekdays, weep weep ku ku Shishi を Hugh Eyes, OK ku na ko と と っ ta.
Na san で も, Bruno months to ro ku su ru ni kei Full slightly out さ で, Other Conquest expands before ni te ki ta Kei と お Full ko と.

Omiya ka ら about 50 キ ro, a time of 30 minutes to the Mizuho ど で.
There is a sign that I did well along the road, there is a parking partition is on, never place at a loss.

There is a big sign in front of the rocky, Topo Figure Aru to crucifixion.
500 yen parking Badai, I put in a post here.

I thought it was ... previous visitor has already arrived, but it was Ohno's pioneer.
The greetings, to receive the attention of the user on.
That it is because I work, and I do not climb right from ⑯ around.
To be as always suffer helmet.
Indeed, Ono Because of the development in the pickaxe, a large rock Gakongakon is falling from the top.
Captain I did not bring a helmet, but my head and break the rock as well.
Follow the instruction of captain captain end I suck Tenpai tobacco, could shut down all from left, taking the field emergency.

①, ② is the root of the slab short of the two pins.

③ Then, I captain the MOS of the room.
There is a possibility that quits today climb immediately, in that you piggyback on Tenpai tobacco serious try the next captain of the I, a break in the base once.

So I receive the attention I captain, from Ohno.

To come back, time is short pause, in the name of up serious try before, let climb to the captain ⑦, and get Put the top rope.

Well, seriously try ④ of captain.
From being excited, try without noticing it.

You can feel intimidated that you Noboreyo as early, while the Biku~u yours truly, get into ③.
Part heart ... is written is that it is not in topology.
There is only sweet hold, it is not hung over.
In order to avoid the wrath of captain, you will get something to eat for the time being.

Now that you've settled down, captain ④ try.
Following yours truly.
Well, I tell you hold yours truly was not used.
Captain came down, yours truly will climb immediately.

Once a break, try the captain ⑬ ⑭.

A little because It's getting dark, and must nunchaku recovery time being, RP and ⑦ yours truly.
After that, it ends up the ⑥ ⑧.


Finally, because it was climbing itself after a long time, it was good to enjoy to be able to freely in private.
The rocky, probably because new, there is still fragile part, stone and sand fell often.
Having been told strictly from Ohno, the person who is going to rock the Atera, please bring a helmet always.

Rocky (left)

Rocky (right)


Each route description

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