2013/8/11-13 Spear large ear Kiretto of Sunny

8/11-13 Spear large ear Kiretto of Sunny

MemberTanaka, Nakagawa,KDi (Tanaka record)
Date and time Maedomari8Month1113Day
Weather 1113Sunny day

11Day Kamikochi6:25⇒ Yokoo9:00⇒ Yarisawa Lodge10:30⇒ Omagari11:48⇒ Tengu months original12:55⇒ killing Hutte15:00(Action time8Time35Minutes)
12Day Get up4:00⇒ killing Hutte5:05⇒ spear moth Takeshi summit6:15⇒ Nakadake7:47⇒ Minamidake Sanso9:05⇒ Kitahotaka Sanso12:40⇒ Hotakadake Sanso16:20(Action time11Time15Minutes)
13Day Get up4:00⇒ Hotakadake Sanso5:10⇒ back Hodaka5:55⇒ before Hodaka8:00⇒ Takeshi Sawa Hutte11:00⇒ Kamikochi13:10(Action time8Time)

Course of Hodaka direction from spear and spear ear direction from Hodaka2It is believed to pass through, but thought better of course the popular and less pass wait, it was a plan to Hodaka direction from spear. 1Day10Assuming the time, at night killing ten hut, of Hotakadake Sanso2Night3Day. KHolding Ms. participation.

1Day Head
The first hike
Sunny weather.

The climb of the aim of spear

Killing hut is painful from Tengu months original
Terrain is spread stone pine zone terrain curled beautiful. 7The past time, spear moth Takeshi made preparations to receive full picture finally. 15:00Breath killing hut arrived Taedae.

Spear came into sight at last!

Large tired all members
Nakagawa suffer from symptoms of altitude sickness from Tengu months near original, rest lie immediately after the tent. KHolding, strong fatigue to Satoshi Tanaka, bad beer, appetite decline.

2Day Head
Spear moth Takeshi summit of Sunny
4Time to get up. KHeld, Satoru Tanaka と も rather yo ni mesh expands. 1Time で finished.40Points. 360Views of time.

The outlook of 360 degrees from Yarigatake summit of Sunny

Comfortable ridge walk
The spear down from moth Takeshi, Takeshi macrophages, Nakadake, and Minamidake3000mMinamidake to lodge beyond the ups and downs of the ridge.

Back to the traverse path from the spear

Fun large Kiretto pass
I go down to big large Kiretto from Minamidake . 3I took about a half hour.

Large Kiretto also fun to have sunny!

Challenge of painful last
I became a core part of this time. 3The exhaustion of both quite name. 16:20. 11The timeless3The exhaustion in both name.

One shot of the same composition cover of July issue of the mountains and valley!

Toast with Hotakadake Sanso
Ten field was filled in Hotakadake Sanso, but are instructed to tent on the terrace in the consideration of Sanso party arrived late. 2Friendly person who came name, from Shiga Prefecture1I was raised together with the name for some reason. 2Young people of the same name course8Running the whole distance in time.

There for this moment mountain!

3Day Head
Back ear and ear before also fine weather
4:00Wake-up, Sunny.5:12Departure .

Finally Full Peak, to the former Mizuho ni.

Acute lower ri Full Yue Kanazawa
1000mI go down at once the difference of elevation .

Down to Takeshi Sawa, carefully!

Looking back (Tanaka)
Full line of Full ○ ko Hill
Usually3Night4The course of the day2Night3Challenge to shorten the schedule on the day.3It was down the mountain safely, even while tired and name. 3that the days with sunny days cloudless also was lucky.

× of this climbing
And that it was a load of more than expected for the party. 2Day is action time11I exceeded the time. 1It is a time delay, but the reason is because of the time it took to pass the rocky mountain retreat to Hotakadake from North Holland.

A large Kiretto in descent after11I learned the news that day climbers were slipping death . 1Accident of days . 1200mAnd that there is a strength of only climb the altitude difference is condition.

Looking back (Nakagawa)
Had planned for several years , but this course was a course that has been abandoned in relation to weather .

Point was good Follow the exact directions of ① reader, that tent-withdrawal is done in a short period of time.

Reflection point That it took to ① altitude sickness. Skipped the map ② large Kiretto.

Looking back(KHolding)
But, Tanaka CL Full foot を private letter じ で ki te ta ku slightly attend this back to Full "gun Fringe キ Ritz ッ Suites more え" で shi ta But, the mountain line ma で Full yo-u ni ni duo ready(Training)It can not be , and not be in keeping , I was to follow from beginning to end to members .

Point was good Without injury, that you have Could you go up on schedule.That you have to walk in almost Kosutaimu.Be without falling rocks in the rock ridge zone, was able to walk in a stable manner.

Reflection point "Physical fitness and training lack" since the day climbing had become the main, 3 days(8h,10h,8h)That the climbing of long, they did not keep and concentration, and muscle strength. Ten nights equipment(担ぐ 練習 が でき て い なかっ た)It means that while it may be possible to not raise pace, and lag behind the leaders there were many. For a walk to rely on the stock, that the center of gravity tilt, was exhausting waste.

Tanaka comment bonus
12Date Night, when I look up at the sky Mantenboshi incidentally happened to the bathroom, I saw a meteor Beruseusu seat.30In minutes5Two. 2One is big, it went flowing tails between half of the night sky.

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