2013/08/16-18 North sickle root of the tail gun ヶ Yue



Starting early in the morning the Kamikouchi, walking earnestly aims to north Kamanosawa Deai.
06:52 Tokusawa
07:51 Yokoo
09:02 Yarisawa
11:22 Minamata Norikoshi
I down a steep scree slope from here.


Walk the Tenjozawa while, turned around and left suddenly, sickle north ridge could be overlooking.
Up tension





13:21 North Kamanosawa Deai
I have been turned on early majority.
I washed the body and clothes that became sweaty in a swamp so hot and Sunny.
Since there is no thing to do is set-up after the bed, drink earnestly.
Preparation for tomorrow, Thay a good night at 19:00.


8/17 5:00 departure
Leading party of the adult number was starting in a few minutes difference, but I had you hand over the destination immediately.
Migimata is very clear.
It is believed that trace had been complicated considerably the tread, but no problem if you aim at col basically.




Col 6:34 north of sickle
Too many insects





German mark near.






If you turn around the right, back Ginza looks so good.





Sloppy, where you've been tired of the rock ridge walk, spear Revealed in front of.
Do not still far





The chimney over the top just below.







To the summit of desire 12:36





For now, that Toko lightly after the break with a spear Takeshi Sanso, it is down to go.

Way, because suddenly started to run what Mr. O fields or I thought, to run this place Taking advantage.

15:45 Yokoo
It was good to go to Tokusawa but, in order to increase the toast while watching the folding screen, we decided to spend tonight here.

It arrived at 7 o'clock Kamikochi, MatsumotoAndStart home to enjoy.
Thanks to O's field who just go out together.

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