2013/9/29 Pewter staff Yue garde multi-wall [Note Kei Dishes Full text]

Members: T field, I (g)

Day bullet bishop's staff tour ~

Last year, When I started crack and Mr. T, I went to root it was talking with a ~ I want to go someday.

5:30 Shinhodaka Full Tang paid out nearly P & D

I enter to clear the valley from Kasagatake trailhead.






From the beginning, the tension in a fairly steep walk registration condition
I go stuffed Kitazawa bishop's staff from Sawa.





Overlooking the bishop's staff avant-garde wall, walk.





Apparently, it is a mistake to trace the tread on the way, you've got to Toritsuki three Runze.

7:10 walk along the rock, to finally order of trims.
Preceded by about 1P.
7:30 Ⅳ 1P (T リード)
Mr. T climb crunchy


2P Ⅴ (I リード)

It follows the Lampe on the left, traverse to the right in the nearness end point






3P 5.9 (T リード)

After arriving at the end point, T who cry "over Re weights" (laughs)
I enjoyed There is only a core P certainly.
Toko hard to beat from a hung especially under.



Ⅴ 4P (I リード)

Right traverse of nearness end point was not too bad in particular.




Ⅴ 5P (T リード)

Through the grass with crack, the confluence to the left singing.
There was a hanger to hang under the Exit temae, but I climb from the grass with the left.






12:20 ending climb
I think it has become slow waiting for P before so many pretty, but if all goes as planned, 3 hours and not take.
I will down the same route in the suspension after the P, which climbed from left singing.
I go to trims in 3P.



15:20 trailhead with

To return to work up a sweat in the hot water of Nibo





All NP end point (hanger) other than
(Style from this route to climb be ignored leaving Harken, etc.New)

I was thinking of either route to a variety of jam Initially, almostWithout etc.,
It was a shop in order Katasukashi little less.
But well, I was able to enjoy climbing in the Sunny.
I want to up the other route Yara left singing in the stay when you come next time

Use cam: C4 ~ 4x2 set 5 x1, micro system 1 set





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