Team back Musashi "Nago around" course

● Mountain Line · Mountain Musashi Japanese Olympic kaesa Longitudinal go ri (Takekawa Takeshi Omochiyama-Arimasan Warabi-san, etc.) the number of peaks = 9
● team members back Musashi 4 persons
Nakagawa: Emperor of the leader back Musashi
Sub-Leader Ohara
Timekeeper Noda
Ambulance · report Yamagishi
● Access Two Sawarabinoyu parking car set 7:00
● Time
7:00 Name Hongo parking lot out front Wu Chuanyue Development → 8:45 → 8:55 Wu Chuanyue →
9:25 Wife Sakamoto large holding toge → 10:15 → 10:35 Big Mountain Full shoulder held Mountain →
Yokogurazan Unotawa → 11:05 → 11:34 → Torikubi-toge
Head of head → 12:20 Shoji depression 12:13 PM waterfall into →
12:25 → 12:41 Yashintaino head Arima Mountain (bridge Koyanoatama) →
13:22 → 14:51 Name Hongo Fern Hill parking lot
Action Time 471 minutes (7 hours 51 minutes)
Sitting 60 points
Cumulative elevation difference   2202m -2182m
Distance 19.7km
● reporting record Hiroko Yamagishi


Speaking back Musashi, fun hiking ☆ ☆
There many popular course of low mountain, in every station Seibu Railway
I have proposed a hiking trails elaborate taste.
Some people from the beginning of outside the prefecture, there are mountains that want to come by all means Saitama people.

However, this time of the documentary
Longer, it is "hiking not laugh."


Mountaineering training to strengthen the legs toward the snowy mountains.
Been named "Musashi back longitudinal Nago circuit course"

The aim ridge long time →

And via the Takekawa Takeshi Warabi-san such a popular,
The step on the countless small peak.

○ Nakagawa "Emperor of back Musashi" leader and guide
Hereinafter referred to as "disciples of Musashi" of three people
1.Leg power sub-leader Ohara a worry only recently Boulder
2.A small note is climbing record, honest timekeeper Noda
3.This time, relief why not? -And coverage familiar Yamagishi


6: If set to Sawarabinoyu earlier than schedule 40. To Nago and rode the car
Parking Nago to be 700 yen parking fee.

7: 00 Hongo parking lot of Development
Good weather! Sun bless the good fight today (laughs)

7: I reaches the Tenguiwa from 55 Shoppana.
Rocky fun! Run up.

I have Ganmi Ohara, a large rock.
Eyes looking at the rocks is laughing.

There is also a quite Degree 30-70 this rocky mountain, a climbing meet.

The top of the rock, the wind blowing from the north is cold,
Break to feel the sun at the bottom of the rock.
I eat a brick

8: 45 before Wu Chuanyue pay nearly で 目前 に 見える 武川 岳 を 背景 に 本日 の 意気込み を 見せる






8: 55 Wuchuan Yue ni to the
Up to this point, is crowded with hikers.
I remember summarized shadow 々 も




Then, to Tsumasakatoge
with an unusual ride down, with an unusual ride down ...
Here's a route you do not want to take in climbing.Shimoyama while the worry that seems to slip pebbles.

9: UP UP UP (breath up up × × ×) earnestly but past 25 Tsumasakatoge
It was a climb ... Tohoho.

Ridge good view is open.
After leaving the road and flat for the first time in a long time,




Main dish of the day
10: Is a shoulder 15 Omochiyama.





Guidance of the leader and guide Nakagawa shines.
 The three disciples,I guide the best part of Musashi back.

To a superb view seen from the shoulder of Omochiyama, inspiring!

634m tallest in the world (Musashi m) 

I looked up to Sky Tree
Also, I eat a brick here.


10: There is a summit of Omochiyama to 35 200m away Here I identify mountain seat.Summer seems there is no view, but now there is also visibility because winter.

The king of back Musashi, I taught the real thrill of back Musashi





Memorial summarized shadow

By the time the cross Cangshan = unknown? Peak Full logo も, Genki with no Kei cross Cangshan へ も.
Of course, there is no photo here.

Leader, but has come to Yokogurazan many times
Say once, and not find a summit this label yet.
Is a mystery mountain.

11: Unotawa and 05.
The graceful landscape, all eyes shine.

Leader and guide Nakagawa says, if there is water a long time ago this place
And that was so named because cormorants lived.
Feel like tents here.
And I was a fresh green, season of snow likely Sazokashi beauty.

Here's a favorite place of second today

UP again. I climb the road consuming Toraropu.
Climbing likely slip.
Down also, and.
Fallen leaves deep, pebble beneath is not visible.
Likely to slip.

While while talking, you are down
    Yamagishi 転 down! (Pain!)
Slowly, firmly, I swipe the left coccyx.

Be pointed out that the stiffness of the descent at the time of high leader.
The dropped waist, Shimoyama while placing a hand on thigh.


 Noda, I run down the back Musashi as Bambi.
Fast! ↓






← ridge you have walked so far

Looking back, pretty long way to go





12: 13 birds first Toge
During a break, from the readerIn the mines side of EsukepurutoAnd is also recommended the Shimoyama, not give up ...
It is to persuade everyone, but stubbornly refused, I'm sorry ...

"I decided to walk also" climbing good condition.

     I saw Bukozan from ridge road is opened.





Sobatsumuyama also beautiful.
Highest da!

    I reviewed the mountains of Saitama.

We also'm Alpine Club in Saitama
Even without the sea, there is a mountain!
"Let's go home to local, ♪ local - you'll meet local"


12: Head of 13 falls into






12: Head of 20 Shoji depression






12: 25 Yashintaino head

12: 41 There Masan (bridge hut Bruno head)


   I proceed at a run a number of loose peak.


Remaining peak just one.
13:22 I arrived in Warabi-san. (Celebration!)

All, did real good ...

Break last here.
  View okay. I saw the mountain climbers for the first time in a long time.







Tobacco time of military men.



The reward of this time, I got from the reader
1Peanut chocolate pieces.
How tired has passed, it was strangely delicious sweet. Twice delicious in one grain.    


Then last descent.
Yamagishi, while you are Kaba~tsu the coccyx that fall,I came to the knee.
Although the stock to borrow Bambi Noda from earlier
In all there, it becomes history of "I Hello turtle".

14: 51 result, asked to descent earlier in Bambi Noda Nakagawa and leader
And Yamagishi of injury, I break up into two sets of Ohara.
I walk backwards Yamagishi, a mountain path.

15: In less for a while down the road 00
Yamagishi was supposed the rescue party, but the song servants is relief ...

Healing after ShimoyamaYu SawarabiIs,
It was a bustling tourist, with climbers. This time Samusakura bloom.

Strange in the back Musashi cherry foliage and can watch together
2014 The dawn.

The good news? (That horrible)
Further plans after this continuing well into 2014.
I hear and have planned a long course further on Sunday January 19.
Stay tuned for the next report. (泣笑)

Or more, Yamagishi of OAC news team was sent.
Basic data
● (and also open at night) Yes Sawarabinoyu Free guest parking toilet
● There is one 700 yen toilet Nago parking parking fee
In the course of this time, the toilet only Nago
If you can not stand, a portable toilet must-have

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