2014/1/3 Nasu Asahi Southeast ridge of pecan

Day pay Jan. 3, 2014 (Gold)
Members Otake (CL), F forest (SL), YShore, Yoshida, Tanaka (remember)
Time 9:10Daimaru parking lot ⇒ 10:55Take the southeast edge of the payment comes ⇒ 13:15Asahi mountain summit ⇒ 15:20Daimaru parking lot

Nasu of winter, not let me climb readily protected by strong wind from the northwest.

● There is the core approach, tire chain is a must-have.
Otake issue to Nasu on time while there is a minor trouble and skip the Tohokudo at a good clip, and pass one exit to believe navigation.

● snow rather less Nasu of this year
Japanese and Chinese do not carry it from snow is small compared to last year. Was added to the three general road team, delayed about 30 minutes scheduled time, 9 a total of eight:10Depart Daimaru parking.

Walk comfortably snowfield with the aim of Asahigatake

Southeast edge を ni remember summarized the current shadow


● rocky like Haruyama
The snow about knee indeed the Toritsuki.

Under the sun, such as the spring, I climb the southeast ridge

● core part of the right と は Rappelling Volume ki
Gap on the route, which is one of the core.

Rappel after a long time

● fix rope beneath the summit
Beneath the summit is steep monolith that with snow.

Climb following last to the summit

Summit of pecan, 360-degree views

● traverse path during descent of the lessons learned from many;

To traverse the slope of snow

Of climbing this ○
It comes down to good weather, even if I say anything. The weather seems much this is, or mountain the same as last year. It's a variation of the root midwinter Originally, Haruyama mood as I want to take my jacket off. Cup noodle that I had the best, the summit was a delicious is longer.

× of climbing this
Traverse of descent during the winding road of the core.

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