2014/1/11-12 Winter Snow Kanazawa superfluous co-residential mooring Tengu Yue Te nn

2014 Winter co-residential

Snow mountain luxury tents Tengudake


Members: 3 people

Leader Fujimori

Plan Tanaka

Record Noda

Schedule: 26 years on January 11 - 12, 2009

Time: 1/11 (Sat)

Shibuya Full Tang parking lot (12:05)

Black lily Hutte (14:30)


Action time (2 hours 25 minutes · Rest time within 10 minutes)


1/12 (day)

Black lily Hutte (7:55)

East Tengu (9:05)

West Tengu (9:25)

West Tengu downhill start (9:35)

Black lily Hutte (10:45)

The Shukuhai tent after withdrawal in hut

Black lily Hutte Shimoyama start (12:10)

Shibuya Full soup (13:25)

Action time (5 hours 20 minutes · Rest time within a time 35 minutes)


Depart KenHisashimichi-Okegawa Kitamoto Inter. I go to the Chuo Expressway smoothly without congestion.

Under the blue sky, the mountains of the Southern Alps and phoenix and three mountains is beautiful figure clearly received a pure white snow from Chuo Expressway

You can be the face.

Among them, came in sight of the purpose Yatsugatake finally advancing at a good clip the car.

However, cloud, and clouds ... clouds near the summit of all of ... Yatsugatake.

"I wonder if I should be on three mountains phoenix? Kana mistake destination choice this time ..."

And voice rises, anxiety crosses ....

Such uneasiness three people climbing Nan'nosono, a Ki儘.

Buy a food producer by direct sale place on the way to be! "Trying to pot if there is Kocher of 2-3 servings".

From hot water and bitter "~'ll go"

Well, the car that aims to Tengudake this time Nissan Kyuubu.

In fact, studless tire. . . I'm not wearing.

So, what to worry about ... so the running of the chain is a snow-covered road or going on?


General way to get off the Chuo Expressway Suwa Inter south. I put on a chain from around entering the runner Road.

Without a place that frozen Tsuruntsurun temperature even came up, it runs a mountain road on track in the operation of Tanaka.

We arrived in the parking lot of the trailhead to 11:30 before.

Tanaka, driving cheers for hard work! !

Submission of the plan! I remember


Starting ~ finally cross the bridge

Way, breath in the branch at 2122m



However, I climb ... climb ...

Black lily hut that is quiet, you arrive go through the forest of fluffy snow.

Still, New Year decoration sticks, in a different, I felt again the New Year day was spent in a flurry.

Do you think such a thing even for a moment ...

Is a tent.

"The snow mountain tents for the first time" for me

It is the experience of surprise and fun and interesting and all is fresh from leveling of snow.

Right because it is already full with respect to the passage of the tent field, is the tent of us on the left side.

The fluffy snow shovel the remaining and stamping around in circles while the fluffy snow, When you are foundation

I am putting aside in.

And, Ja Ja-emissions! ! It is the appearance of the bamboo peg. (No photo)

Cross and taught Tanaka Remembering that Ishikura Chairman explained to me at the time of the snowy mountains of training Tanigawadake

Into concluding snow with plastic tape to!

Bamboo peg the four corners, ready to serve your inn tonight and fixed with ice ax in the meantime.

Well ...

This "snow mountain luxury tents"

☆ ☆ ☆ reason of luxury ☆ ☆ ☆

The ten night all the way to Tengudake possible to the day climbing: Part 1!

Pot in a tent: Part 2! ! Tsu Tsu cheeks almost Desuyo ~

I will post at the end: the 3! ! !


Tent also the end, since the early arrival, hut Mari slowly

A pint while!

Then, pot making everyone back to the tent.

Delicious pot of local ingredients.

I will warm up in warmly.

Always, I am proud of bitter uncle. Haha.

Fujimori's hot thing is you like happy to hand the red pepper.


Night indulge in the meantime ....



Thermometer of the cabin before the morning.

I was pointing to -16 degrees. (Around 7:00)


Morning ~

The snow in the tent inside and wake up! Green cloth of the tent has become white condensation freezes It thinks now. It is wonderful also ... this fall dance and thrilling to the touch.

But ... sleeping bag cover would be to say what Oh ~ ~ ~ is frozen. . .

Hat you were wearing yesterday "Eh ~ ~ also has frozen ... also over jacket

This is the bread ... it ticks of for breakfast ... while I think ... he. Raisin bread into that Tokachi ○ ○ was all right.

The finished meals

Now! Destination of today

Towards the west and east Tengu Tengu

Hey starting stripe ~.

I will enter into the forest belt straight from the wide field tent.

It is a very nice snow a lot is riding on the branches of trees.

It is a good loose climb Miharu and exit the forest zone.

Index す と East West Tengu Tengu But, is it strong wind Kei.

Yara Yara hood helmet, suffered a Bo-saku firmly

Proceed with.

Then, the arrival east Tengu finally become a Kyuto.

The wind is strong as ever.

East Tengu Peak

Snow or soar even mountains of south Yatsugatake looked from the east summit Tengu? Or cloud?

Field of view is blocked occasionally.

However, thanks to the great weather! !

Ridge toward the west from the east Tengu Tengu to bend one's steps in the mood Tohoho ... and I wonder how strong the wind ...

But, the wind stops and suddenly, very strange.

And, of no less steep climbing is yet ... come, this place deep fluffy snow.

To climb somehow her have taught! "Kick step to around the knee" Tanaka.

However, I arrived at Tengu west summit where I thought Yai ... Stop using this way of walking fast ... legs let it continue.

Was good ~ ~ Oh. . .

To back Akadake! !


Against the background of the east tengu stayed a little while ago! ! !

I enjoy the panoramic summit wide west Tengu.

It is a large 360-degree outlook.

Descent from the West tengu, traverse from the middle without going through the east Tengu.

Walk while ask you to account for the and precautions how to walk in the traverse from Fujimori's.

In addition, I was described in detail, such as the placement of the foot at every difference of inclination.

In each case from two people Tanaka, Fujimori's, it was a luxury anything climbing only had variously described to me the snow mountain beginner. ← "It is the 3".

After arriving in the tent field of black lily hut, to withdraw the tent eating noodles in warm hut.

Starting toward the hot water of astringency!

And anyway ... down ... down, and go down ... (yesterday it. Surprised again with the Na-I climbed so)

After descent, start home by bathing in the hot water of the hotel Resort stopped the car.


There is a trace all mountain trail yesterday, passing through today, did not need to know.

In addition, I learned also Kocher slightly larger is that it is required to make water from snow.

It was meaningful snow mountain tents that there is a lot of what you get really.

Tanaka Thank you very much, Mr. Fujimori's.


Return took a high speed from Suwa Inter in 3:30 too

Large Yatsugatake, was very impressive in shining beautifully bathed in the light of the sun was about to tilt to the left.




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