2014/3/29Hiuchigatake across the Ozenuma frozen

Hiuchigatake across the Ozenuma frozen

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Schedule: 2014 March 29 (Sat) to 31 (months) (28 (gold) Kobe former warehouse in the yard poise)

Starting at 23 the previous day, Tokura parking clothes about half past 25. Sleeping under canvas. (Free parking)

Good weather. Embark for the feeling of tension in half and fun to eat breakfast! (6:00 shots)
Oshimizu forest road to walk 8 km (8:05 place). Surprised have been snow clean.

The 3.5 km until Ichinose resting place from Oshimizu. Here also had been snow clean.
Ichinose resting place was under the snow. (9:25 place)

The mountain path full-fledged from here. Although we began to walk the road first summer,
Because it is closer to the dangerous swamp, to take a course in high wind,
Go while the Russell winter swamp path of steep climbing.
Beyond about 7 hours ... Sanpeitoge The departure from Ichinose resting place,
Ozenuma was finally able to see.

All the blow-off when you see this scenery.
To that hot, so I was impressed I walked in tears last tatters (* ^ _ ^ *)
At 360 ℃ pure white, landscape no one else. Views of what sound is not.
When the ear was a Keane too quiet it would be since.
It is the scenery which is not seen only this season. (17:00 place)

I will span the BC on top of the Ozenuma. The charming in tent good finesse of leader.
Going to bed to eat for dinner.
Second day. When you get up in the morning, it is easy to change light rain or raining, sunny interval and out of the weather forecast as
Weather. Leaving for Hiuchigatake top! (5:30 shots)
♪ you walk in walk anywhere, while feeling the joy of the road can do after we walked

While you are walking, wind and rain it has become stronger and stronger.
You will not be able to show you the situation without also afford to take pictures(T_T)
While becoming almost blown off by the wind, and arrived at the place that seems to top.
(I did not step on the top unfortunately When you are satisfied with GPS later)
While becoming drenched, and somehow arrived in BC. Over was hard (15:20 place)

Leader because it was me to prepare plenty of fuel, and pounding the gas
I dry the clothes thing and wet it with. I felt the importance of the winter mountain equipment.
Night rice Refreshment ♪ eating curry
Wind sleeping tent while worry about ... and may be skipped as it is made stronger and stronger.

Day 3. State wind and rain continued bad.
Starting and done his preparation in a tent. (6:20 shots)
White-out conditions on the Ozenuma. I do not walk in fear that there is no GPS.
20 cm snow position or would fell overnight. We experience the words of a leader who had said, "winter mountain of midwinter summer mountain, if allele if it is fine this time".
To avoid the winter path of the swamp when come, take a route close to the summer road.
Weather has been recovering gradually while you are walking, hot breath.

Seto sitting to one of the forward. (11:20)
Large water to the. (12:45)
Kobe warehouse parking lot. (15:10)
I met in three days, it was only towards the mountain stream fishing that had come in the original bicycle to Oshimizu.

Climbing through this, out of Dongshan beginner mark, the state of calm and beautiful winter mountain
It was nice to experience in the moment, and to become state severe fear.
That's why I felt more strongly that stage of planning and equipment that I'm important.
And, also human senses if you get a white out that unreliable
I've found well. I thought GPS is indispensable for climbing like this.
This time, thanks to the reader who was allowed to accompany just feeling that! "Want to go".
Now, you can not afford to cross over the Ozenuma, but I want to walk the same route in the summer.

Butterbur (Leader Summary)
Plan to climb the Hiuchigatake to walk the Ozenuma that had warmed three years has been realized at last. People this year
As a result of thought is not gather, a line by itself or also unavoidable, offer of F Sawa's
I'm grateful there is. Single line of Oze of March scary indeed. Person is not here. Road-free
Stomach. There is no target visibility is poor. Differences quite sensuously human're near any one person in such
I Umono. It is not possible to distress even one person, but this is ridiculous and distress at two people take rookie
Toda. It is more so only pattern was the status of the weather is likely to distress. In particular
Hiuchigatake climbing the 30-day rain, overnight snowstorm of up to 31 days morning, sail snowstorm the 31st from 30 days
Starting to withdraw in the tent Wight out. Crying does not enter in a pretty tight state
The was thankful. It was in the snowy mountains of only three days, but the surface that could experience a lot of things
It was white mountaineering. S under







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