Musashi seven Olympic Station Suites Rei Hikaru (Seibu Chichibu Line: Korea ~ Lo ヶ Kubo)

● Mountain Line · MountainMusashi back seven Station Trail(Seibu Chichibu Line: Korea ~ Lo ヶ Kubo)

Major Peak (June Wadayama su ka ri ~ ~ more uphill mountain off eight states Jianqing ~ ~ Maruyama station, etc.) peel ku number number = 8 = 9 toge
● team members back Musashi 4 persons

Nakagawa sub leader Ohara timekeeper Noda coverage Yamagishi: Emperor of the leader back Musashi

● Access Date Wadayama Free Parking 4:50 set

● Time 05:00 Day Wadayama parking lot without feeding the Development05:30 Day Wada Mountain Peak Mountain Peak - High refers pay nearly

06:10 Things to see Mountain Peak - North Gravitropism away06:55 Livebag mountain summit

08:25 The more the mountain summit ~ ~ Suwa Shrine Yan Zhen Shan toge toge ~ ~ flower stand umbrella pine Bruno Toge

10:15 Off-eight states Jiancing Taiwan rice Sheng Toge11:15 Iimori Hill 11:30 Beech Pass 11:55 Mountain azalea bush-field slope Pass - Ohno pass

13: 45 Maruyama Peak15: 15 Seibu Lo ヶ Okubo Station15:48 Lo ヶ Okubo Station → Korea Station

Action Time 560 minutes (9Time 20 minutes120 minutes) Of Break (2Time
Although virtually walking distance theories,32.3kmI saw the

● reporting record Hiroko Yamagishi

I've been escalated further,Austrian practice Musashi third Elasto
Record of the first step here →
Finally, the day came ...

Feeling that is similar to blue turban shell is sprout in the early afternoon of the day before.
The weather forecast, tomorrow though it is May28℃. ThereinThe 30 km mountain low altitudeI say that the walk also.

I wanted to make a phone call "tomorrow,? Whether to run really" for confirmation leader.

I think so many times, but it must be blow.
It is not even drink a drop of alcohol, go to bed at 10 at night praying to God to wet the pillow. ZZZZ · · ·

Mountain line that day, "Asserted! ! (I you know this gag) "
I was at a convenience store Ochia~tsu of GoryeoLeader was a hangover
Story violently enthusiasm last night of the 30km, and drank too much at home.

As children of excursion before, And I'm looking forward to. I reflect on negative thoughts.

Cloudy pale 20 ℃ temperature is welcome. As scheduled

05: 00 days without feeding Wadayama the parking lot を Development
Hiwada summit in 30 minutes to enjoy the outlook from the gold sword 毘羅 shrine usualSome even afford. ↓

Through high finger summit so boring in the tower.

Gait is light.Bloom to chat

 Breeze occasionallyI think appreciate the.
It's pleasant climate than I thought.

Leader says "blessed with the weather."
God gave us favor to four people because it was planning, which has been postponed from March of bad weather.

The northward Jizo, fringed iris flowers began to bloom.

 Flowers of Styrax is,Seems to be in the future.

This photo of Styrax last year →


Way to the northward from Koburitoge Jizo is, It's a spot Egono tree is great every year.


Respectable Egono trees Koburitoge of last year





6: 12 things to see Hill

06: Landscape from favorite livebag mountain summit of 55 leaders. I see in the distance small Bukozan.


Until Yue Ueyama, I was walking faster than the standard one hour Kosutaimu

The root of the tree is a mountain path walk bare

Flower of azalea bloom also a little

Etsuue summit, talking about people passing in general is a lot.

"I, because you smoked cigarettes, please go Yue Ueyama in three persons." Sub-leader Ohara

Three people to "be waiting tobacco, Let's go much effort" "It's not up to 5 minutes on the summit?" And "Let's luggage depot"
We aim to summit at all with throat and persuasion. There is quite worth climbing, I could not be reached in 5 minutes.

08: I suspect not climb anymore 25 Etsuue summit leader other than.               





10: One of the highlights of this 15 function eight states gazebo.Gotoshi the name, view is great. Two people to identify mountain seat
Buko is Naruru near Oita.


I asked a commemorative photo photographer who was the top of the mountain.Utsurundesu, high(That Darrow that I do not know) "
It is also tightly way from when I was about eight past the states. In the heat, the water supply time is also often.
Climbing of this time, the pattern height is climbing also come increased end approaches.

To Maruyama, ran into the bush than Toreran tournament field slope Pass. Of the meeting of outThe participants should also Yokota.

Find Yokota but did not meet after all ... I give way to people of Toreran Continue increase.

People Toreran is,The sound dangerous because without creeping!  "Do sounds, shouting" please if you see the climbers.

Again and again, I cross the paved roadway. The entrance of the trail isI lie on the side of the road within 10 minutes usually.

I think it is a little difficult to understand.

Always, the trailhead along the road are found and walk a few minutes.
How many times was repeated this walk ...

If you notice, it is parallel to the paved road from the bush park slope Pass.

Mountain road is divided by paved road, climbing the peak from the pavement roadway, summit. I walk out the pavement roadway, and also down to.

Maybe, should I walk down the road is easy? If you listen to the leader,

The weakness ... said, "I realized?" And smile ↓But Yai do not want to walk the road through the car!

11: 14 Iimori Hill

Or character of the mountain, or the image of the young girl ...  




The down climb. Summit of the loose, just does not seem to peak peak.

13: I arrive at the summit labeled "hippopotamus dake" is 00.

← After reading from the bottom as "stupid dake".






Three months っ te remember summarized shadow.

        "Emperor of idiot?" Reigning in the back Musashi this pose (large applause!)

            ... Leader, I I'm sorry ...
There is a king in the back Musashi dear. (High)

The mountain road, which is famous for Bocha misoMagnolia (Magnolia) 

Because in the photograph, compared is difficult to understand,

I contrasted with the leader.




Was expected to azalea "Because azalea mountain" season, azalea can not be examined only a few shares
Ohno pass. Climbing the last here.

The ... Tohoho or not the log stairs Naoto
Everyone, go up in a zigzag tired. →






13: If you think you have arrived 40 summit, Nisepiku Nisepiku was the airfield of paragliding.

← This is the artifact of the mark of Maruyama can be seen from a distance

If you walk 5 minutes






13: 45 MaruyamaHilltop
Observatory of this artifact, co-sponsored building of lottery

Was disappointed. I had walked on and on, but sorry × × × just was expecting a rustic mountaintop, Maruyama I hear that mountain of a popular back Musashi.


Once, the observatory, I climb. Huge Bukozan had towered. It is because you came to far if you think that ...

About 30 minutes of break large reward

Leaders say, "just down the rest."
However, there was also two climbing.

Resentment is Mashiku at allRepulsionAfter
I sometimes painful Some good time. Would like life? It is a philosophy. " Intro ...

Bambi Noda is run down is down. "Hayatsu!" Bambi Noda, also climbing down margin also was observed.

As well as a time keeper, reigns! A small note is familiar in the hands

Emperor of the leader = Musashi back not just because I was promoted to captain of Musashi back next year.

The named "Back Musashi spiral

The descent to the orchard of Ashi~ke Kubo. Ashi~ke Kubo Station but look at hand!
Roadway even vain Long And Winding Road.
Soon, I want to get to the station, but the U-shaped hairpin, followed again and again.

Ohara, to shortcut the slope is not withstand
28 degrees the temperature is hard glare of hot ... asphalt.I tan from under the chin.
15: I arrived at the station Ashi~ke Kubo of the road at last 20




Cola carbonated beverages cold toast was chugging "~ cheers for good work" was a delicious.

1Looking back on dayWas like a dreamIt's much I can not remember whether it walked how much.

Or was long, or the shorter ... ...

If you walk only this, it is not scary even when the refugees return home in the event of a disaster!

It was the eventful day that confidence is attached to the legs is also a good evacuation training.
By all means, I want to recommend to readers of this report.

And, fourth bullet back Musashi training is waiting for next year. I want Kokoroshite faces.

Until when this documentary will followed.


Yamagishi of OAC news team was sent.
● back seven Musashi Station Trail basic information
Train available and car traffic
(300 yen the 1st and pay about three free) Parking Hiwada Mountain trailhead

Most mail: Korea Town kaesa Okubo Station Road は Lo ヶ ka ra ma で Korea Station tram use

I go back to Hiwada Mountain trailhead parking station from Korea.
Ri tram moment Okubo Station on Lo ヶ 15:17・48、16:02・40、17:02・19・43、18:09・44

31 to 38 minutes travel time, expected gold 300 yen
When I got off the toilet shrine Kari-jo Saka-toge Maruyama (paper available)
This member is drinking the water of average 2L ~ 2.5L of water supply only shop Koburitoge

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