2014/7/26~ 27 A Fei Xian Zhang Ju ix ka Yue Yue &

(R), N River, N fields, K Sawa (Symbol) T: Members

19:00 Where it departed in Kawagoe, received a set of dumplings and noodles or cold noodle each Hidaka shop on the way, became a full stomach, it is a high-calorie starting - ensure that (frames).

12:00arrived in the parking lot of To-dai am opening to front and rear, ⇒ N river's tent next to the car & T's car during night ♪ friends

N & K's field Sawa is in a tent and spend the night unable to sleep well and hot. . . If you think that there is something wrong, it creeps into the sleeping bag becomes cold at dawn, and this has been the mattress, I did spend the first night and without being able to sleep soundly.

4:00am getting
If I had put away the tent, and listen to rumors extraordinary bus with Dell earlier than the first train, to adjust the get dressed in a hurry.
Thanks to the special bus, I arrived early to Kitazawatoge about one hour closer than expected.
You down about 10 minutes on foot to the point of field ChoMamoru hut from here.

Today's accommodation location. While first thing in the morning to eat rice balls of rice, let's focus on the construction of the tent.

7:20am Shimokitazawa Toge trailhead ~ 8:25am Sensui Pass
Sensui to Pass to walk a loose gentle way of gradient, until Komatsu Peak (sometimes, Marici is glimpses from between the trees) will climb the Author and forest zone of steep-stone pine zone.

I came out above the clouds.
To back the phoenix Miyama-Fuji-Kitadake.

It is N River's altitude sickness during this time, but this one as Yamaotoko, have become like somehow!

9:46am peak to the horse Tianjin.
Summit dynamic is looming right in front of, I feel like I go in about 30 minutes at first glance it, but the piece until Kai summit journey of about an hour and a half still.

A branch of the bypass and Naoto, climbing pounding ⇒ rocky route to Naoto, stride is not cod about two places the middle, while the help of N River's.

I'm advantageous I of long limbs to such time Yappa: N River. . .
Voice) Ha~i of K Sawa :( heart? Remarks now, Is not it a little rude by any chance? (Laughs)

The missing rocky, and merges with the bypass route, the summit soon.
We will climb to firmly step step by step so that it does not slide down, through the landscape savage in the sand of granite as far as the eye can see.

Scenery like from an airplane like Looking down.

11:10am A horse ix Yue Fei Peak!
When you stand at the top, tired ♪ I Futtobi all

Little rest.
Wind swept away the summer clouds, bright blue sky appeared after the clouds, the 1st very pleasant to be felt in the body wilderness. . .
The shrine of the summit, founding power Fudoson has been enshrined.

Down through the (rounded peak visible behind) Mari 支天.

After this, while or turn back some way does not know well, I approach the Mari 支天 steadily.
Pure white mountain surface is sore eye is illuminated by the sun. . .

12:15pm Marichi days to the

<Marichi days と wa? >
It is a guardian deity of Buddhism, and hide themselves from the peril if Nenjire to this God. With that said, God has been with Mamorihonzon of warriors.
Revered mountain of faith from the old, the whole mountain is God, Kai Komagatake is so named "支天 Mari" as the guardian angel of the avant-garde peak front of the Motoyama.

N field's slender.
Clouds sky and welcomed us in exquisite balance.

Looked back from Mari 支天, here Kai Komagatake that was laid-back.
Good really cool white rock.

Next to the "hexagonal stone" was misread as "sixty thousand stone" K Sawa T and during Mr. (~ ~;)

15:15I arrived at the tent field.
While waiting for the N River's, which has been Petit road lost, cold beer and Zhuhai which was raised in ChoMamoru hut, and finished completely, in front of the hut, T in san to get the two young people looked like a couple of fellow

In preparation for tomorrow, still bright 19:00The bed in time.
Can not sleep this time to say that, ⇒ following the second day leave of lack of sleep

4:00am getting ⇒ 5:00am the prix

This time, abandoned by the danger in the snow, horseback route became a piston in a small Sentake route.

Backlit dare. . .

6:50a break in the am Liuhe eyes, feeling gait was heavy with lack of sleep until then, to become lightly suddenly switch(Of what?)And the "I have passed three more hours awake" and from containing that, and laughed at the river's N. . .

And exit the forest zone of hardwood, visibility has been opened.
For a while, so as sew between Setakematsu. . .

Today, it is undisputed pecan! ! !
Yamaotoko 2 people (?) Dundee.

For some reason the annual, "What do are you pointing to know such hoo" one!
Oh, I am Kai frame & Marici which climbed yesterday that is reflected in the right edge.
The back or would Yatsugatake. . .

6:20am sprites husband ka mountain top.
In rock purring, it is pretty good feeling!

Gentle ridge will continue followed by much.
People and less to others until around here, It was a very quiet, but congestion in humans great many downlink. . .

From left, Fuji ⇒ ⇒ Kitadake Ainodake.
Up to three positions 1 - altitude in a straight line!
Superb view can not be viewed unless come here.

In the hope that before the peak of the front, taught me "I there are grouse near the top of that rock! The small little while ago also it! I came out," said the two men came down, can you stay still, toward the peak in a hurry! ! !

~ § which was in!
If you go to the front of the rock, which was brought to my, "~ ~ Nya Nya" "~U ~ ~". . .
? Cat? ? ? Rather, cries of grouse!
I do rather than in such a cute voice! And, photographed while stopped.
This was really lucky!

7:15Xian Zhang Yue Peak ka am
Wow, the place of 4 hours Kosutaimu(By subtracting the break time)3Just time.
Soon ♪ I go home today

In the middle of down. (Here Where'd?)
It is still above the clouds.

Congestion occurs (organizations also were many) great people, in passing each other, especially near the summit - tough people who climb now. . And, a little sense of superiority that I did start early? While remember. .(^ ^;)

9:50am tent field arrival
However. . . Bus frogs until To-dai port 13:00 Not until, when I heard the operation status of the special bus in ChoMamoru hut, you might depart from time to time people get together to the bus stop. And ask, and then withdraw the tent for the time being, 11:00from eating the lunch of curry and rice in ChoMamoru hut am, and let's go to the bus stop! To that.

Here is (are eaten, but ..), ChoMamoru hut specialty curry rice.
It seems to be beef curry at first glance, but in fact chicken curry.
Very spicy, taste that evoke the energy to the body that was tired. Is really recommended! If you are going future, by all means!

And. . . Eleven:40⇒ to To-dai port it is possible to get on the bus of extraordinary am departure, you have parked the car
In hot spring "Sen-ryusho" of parking nearby, and went back to sweat for two days.

It was a memorable climbing called "Southern Alps debut" for K Sawa this time, but blessed with the weather, of longitudinal in great condition can be, and was thrilled.
Uncommon without reflection point also (?).

Everyone of the members, it was cheers for good work.



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