2014/09/21 Iwaki

[Members(King said slightly)Asaka] (Responsibility for the contents of an article)
[Parked] car parked in places (front poise)
[Access] car:Bai Gang Iris IC (Juan Central Road) → Black Stone IC(Tohoku Expressway)→ No. 102 → 号 3 → hundred yards in Kanazawa
[Weather] Clear (Fine weather)
[Cong] 8 hours travel time 00 minutes (Leisure time incl.)
[Leisure time] Gordon ri · Number 30 points back(3 times rest), Day and eat 30 points, 10 points lower ri(Once Rest)
[Non-Consolidated] pure elevation difference · elevation difference from:1445m distance. walk:10km

6:30 Hyakuzawa ski trailhead → 8:20 Firing only refuge hut → 10:00 Otorina Hutte → 10:40 Iwaki(Lunch) → 12:00 Otorina Hutte → 14:30 Yue Springs trailhead

[Purpose] I climbed Mount Iwaki in Aomori Prefecture, the highest peak "'ll climb the mountains of the Northeast" as the second edition.
The Iwaki itself, there were a lot of climbers and whether the recreation area of ​​people in Aomori prefecture.

Until [text] Aomori will skip the car intently Tohoku Expressway. (I did not see it because it was the middle of the night)。
The next morning, I will head to Hyakuzawa ski trailhead. It is about 30 minutes by car from the train station of the road. Car has been parked until two or three units in trailhead. I can use it the parking lot of the ski area parking lot.

Hyakuzawa Ski (trailhead)

Located in buildings (lifts?) Is the trailhead.
It is that, if you post a refuge hut, the process proceeds to Sawasuji immediately. Sawasuji is difficult to walk the rocks have lying around.

Walk Sawasuji (Hyakuzawa)

From here, I will climb at a stretch until Otorina hut just below the summit. Long, tight, the stroke is a triple threat of hard to walk, but I will do my best to let the shiny throat best waters in the "Shakujo Shimizu" in the middle.

Up to the top a little after

When I arrived in Otorina Hutte, you will meet with climbers from Takeshi course. That said, Takeshi course like the main course, you are in the matrix hikers.

Climb of Mount Iwaki directly under

Climbed directly below, rock has been rumbling, the road so we are in place, young and old anyone climb.

Landscape of Hakkoda direction as viewed from the top

Photographic evidence of the usual

I looks Aomoriheiya, Hakkoda, the Tsugaru Peninsula from the top. It is a pleasant mountain.
You take the lunch, but be careful of the feet summit has become so rocky.
After lunch, you can descend from Takeshi course.
Takeshi course the case is also used in the excursion of local road is clear.

The rocky Sawasuji, it is difficult for me to walk again. Meat of the stomach seems to use way.
And I should have thought of the descent after. Latency of the bus to the trailhead was longer.

[Tu] Iwaki mountain trip(1/25000)
Can not leave the log for the battery out of the GPS.


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