2014/10/26 Tanigawa Ichino Kurasawa Eboshi Sawa back wall Minamiryo Franke

Schedule: October 26, 2014
Member: I, A Tsu-san (IoRin)

Minamiryo Franke the originally scheduled 25 days, was that free 26 days somewhere.

Their own, the 24th in the fact that the 25th am5 o'clock set to Tanigawa base Plaza (gold) in the evening I arrived on the water.
Since it is called base Plaza 1F can be parked at night, regulations rope and tries to enter the ...
When you stand looking at the sign, and put in the morning 7:00 later. Saturday and Sunday of the congestion period should be parking a little to P below. Ofure with is.
The Reluctantly, Heading to the P, it was next to the monument. Surrounding the sign of a person in addition to a dark my car no. Without even toilet lights.
If this remains to be here until the wee hours of the morning, so was the premonition you see what that should not be seen, it was decided to nap in Doai Station
The climber looked like people of two people in the waiting room. A little peace of mind.
To have to nap in the car. Phone is ringing before at AM2. Is from Io forests.
Unpleasant feeling about this.
When I heard the story, it was damaged Once you try to remove the contact after arriving on the water.
Yo came out ... happening prince.
Since no choice to say impossible, was aware.
For now, you can either sleep until morning.
The next morning, wake up around 8:00. Well what to. That's the time being rice.
What do you quo. Suddenly, had been in care than before the previous, I remember deca prime cafeteria "Ashima-en" of water.
For now, in order to adjust the war readiness, to the jogging for about an hour in the vicinity of the park.
And eating a "special Omukare" in Ashima Garden.
"Yeah, yeah, good" volume also satisfied.

And, to sweat in hot water Terme, to kill time.
Near it becomes waiting time at Somehow, towards the station of the road.
Io phosphorus To join, light banquet.

Since the next day walk from the memorial next to the P to the Deai, at four o'clock and leave the station of the road.

05: 07 co. Prepare wo ne te a chief.
05:40 Starting
As you walk the right bank, come out footprint. Them also I leave to the swamp.
Since the white featureless and it was rock came out, cross the swamp also within the footprint of the right bank. Among them, I arrive at the rappel point. Subsequent P also had come from behind, apparently the first one.

White rock

Overhanging 50m (Fix moo there ri)

06: 40 Tail Ridge clothes

07: 26 Minamiryo Franke Toritsuki
08: 00 1P (Ⅳ ) 30m / lead I
In advance of the little street leaving P information. Climb while constantly on the run-out. Experience, more than grade.

Climbing line

Below the 1P end point (Minamiryo terrace is visible)

1P end point

After 1P end, it's climbed it is apparently considered to be a "YCC root". Originally seems to upper right the more singing.
What looks like the original end point is also visible at the lower right number m.

09:00 2P (Ⅳ ) 40m / lead: IoRin
Here also the run-out.

2P (strange Chim to the right is visible)


09:55 3P (Ⅴ ) 40m / lead: I
Core P. And P. that life has shrunk
Traverse under hang to the right, there is a new RCC, just above from there. Fine stance, Kachi.
And climbed absolutely leaving pin is not it ... even if
25m If noticing it has been run-out.
came out feeling that the arm is about to bump, if you and I think if we fall here, it was chilling.
Here, you decide the cam because what appears flakes were visible on the number m.
After all, to the end point, only runner did not take two places.
Is just above the line even right out to the right in the traverse from Io forests that have been climbed in follow?
Apparently the line was wrong. . .
Certainly after the above, Na there is an end point is traversed to the right ...
Rufai Jan useless.
Small pause on the terrace.

(Or the original line is the blue line?) Below the 3P end point

3P end point

11:00 4P (Ⅴ) 40m / lead: IoRin
Traverse of the line is pretty bad feet with grass.
During climbing in follow, happening is
Out the right eye of contact, I fell.
Focus is fit without struggle.


11:45 5P (Ⅴ-) 40m / lead: I
Since the focus does not fit, feeling that I want but I thought he'll let on behalf of the lead is to lead exceeded.
Runner was rotten Harken 2,Three positions. After the above, Did excesses to the right, and what had entered the YCC root,
Harken the end point is rotten two. The reason for hanging also was terrifying.
In topo When I do go from the middle to with grass, but it was well know not gone up under hang.

Below the end point Yori 5P

5P end point

12:30 6P (Ⅲ) 15m / lead: IoRin
Traverse bad. It's not absolute Ⅲ grade.


13:00 horseback to join the ridge
Safely, joy that it was possible to complete registration, the handshake of excitement

Immediately starts lowering the Minamiryo route.
Party, which has been climbing the Minamiryo is finished the descent in Minamiryo terrace, it was Toko towards the tail ridge.
Apparently, it has become the last of the party.

16:00 a co-author

By the time you get to the base Plaza wore dark already day.
The time it was barely.
In retrospect the climbing, "About a weakness, enjoy the route finding of free climbing" are described in the topo is hard to say that was Konase, but was fully able to enjoy the Alpine.
However, it was considerably day was cut a life.

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