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登る前に凍り方が甘い感じがすると言っていたが、実際そのようで下で見ていても軟らかいからかアックス、クランボンは良く刺さるのだが氷が良く壊れるBut it seems no regards to mental because of the ice is thin soft than expected as the inclination can not be determined only thing screw is shorter I would be easier to physically because loose. 暖かく感じる実際上に行くほど凍り方が甘く氷の後ろを滝が流れているのが透けて見え音も良く聞こえた。

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F6 in the ice around screw when it is put in the ice screw let me lead going crowded turn or not Sasara only a short thing goes cracked white cracks was unpleasant feelingF6登って一休みしながら最後のF7を見ると遠目にも滝が黒っぽく見えて凍って無いのが判ったがS田さんが登りたいとの事なので大休止後にF7へ下部は穴が開いて流れている滝が見えるものの何とか氷の厚さはあるが中間から上部が薄く5cmあるかどうか場所によっては3cm無いだろうStill S field's somehow climb not whether and when it is observed around with twist Axe in an attempt to climb the waterfall flow core left hand side to hooking feeling crowded kick the left crampon to lift the body of 50cm square ice collapse in impermanence put away流石にこれではとなり又時間も15:30になろうとしていたので心残りだが最終のF7を残して撤退となった、アイスクライミングと言うよりは凍った滝を登る沢登り的な感じがして少しアルパインちっくでもあり岩稜帯の歩きや滝登り等色々な要素があって楽しめました

登る時は歩きも気にならなかったが下降でのアイゼン歩行は思いの外、脚にクルし歩行に気を使うRappelling is easy to tangle with a total of 5 turn was the he is new ice rope firmly, has taken some time will need to work to be understood on the way down now to every pasta state. When arrive to Cock Robin Zhuang is get off the F1 and juniper the river to go to the toilet and lit the already dark Hedden, lighting of automatic lit has worked heating to the toilet that does not stay anyone in such a time like this place You get and public toilet situation of Japan had impressed really amazing Na and.

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Leaving the parking boarded the car change of clothes put away the equipment in the parking lot became dark, because the Road Station Otakionsen temporal unreasonable likely heading to Chichibu city, on Gedo is long and has come to this neighborhood , at most traffic because it is night in the evening time it was trying to Meguro 19:30 in Chichibu cityお風呂は諦めて御飯食べて帰ろうとなりレストラン エデンToWin to order everyone so seems famous was the story of miso pig in the car Pokusote (ginger, garlic, miso) complete diet疲れているからか味付けもう少し濃い方が良かったと全員の意見でした。名物はカツかカツカレーのようなのでそちらの方が良いかもですI and much trouble and sharpening also people edged not it because've rounded Axe Crampon's before you go

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