2013/02/23-24 A Fei Yue black horse ヶ Kobe root of the tail


Full year Genki づ ku と も ra su winter coat two weeks Full day thou ru

Full year Other slightly ら は winter mountaineering を expands Kei Kei starting it expands te ni Genki づ ko と ki te wa te thou hill country plan を つ rather ta ku ri beginning.

The pressure pattern of wintry stable ones towards the weekend one week last February have come down what cold air in the forecast.

Do Kai piece after all when it comes to access and well in the Southern Alps night course.

The over ♪ huh you've enjoyed winter climbing in the mountains Boy mood to fully seemed blessed with favorable conditions in 10 years Whoa


February 23, the first day (Saturday)

Get up day at the same time changes, to bamboo woo Mt shrine in two and a half hours from home.

5: That the weight of a little unexpectedly heavy equipment feel that we have confirmation of 00 Zach equipment.

6: The one Pa~a Sud I fix the 00 ready!

To the smoothly climb while singing a humming opening song of the FF flows in my head for some reason when it cross the bridge ...

"Tsun There!" Suddenly from behind?
Size of Zack probably ingrained in the body Takehito but Ssu place severe the mountain boy.

6: ~ ♪ 's good strong favorable weather to 30 early-morning sunlight, body and warm

Weather of things blow up considerably from tomorrow afternoon thing with fine weather until tomorrow the weather forecast.

Marker to trace wood and thin from


I walk the ridge west a little summer road of normal length of a blade has been appeared to go up for a while to select the ridge route Naoto snow is so deep vessel.

1000: Length of a blade passes through the blue sky Ze~e

I enjoy the scenery saw is visible and Mt phoenix three mountains, the Yatsugatake right, to the left on the rear.

Ladders, and chains come out of here.

12: 30 lunch break

I felt quite cold wind becomes stronger.

Chain ladder and is quite generous with minutes is maintained as general route.

Where the hut is required Snowshoe Russell is tight to your husband hut when I hear the story because there were two sets coming turned back the way.

By car

House Sitting

You start walking to huts and over or not you let it go to the point where I was coming much trouble then you can go.

Tree of what the fix rope is stretched has overhang to climb seven length hut just before traverse the downside, if you avoid the dangling scaffolding collapses outside, avoid sweet and Zack> <Hmm struggled Ssu

1400: seven length hut arrival


Perpetual summer and into the cabin.

I Do you want to tent after, to go with the trace for tomorrow, I do we do so.

Tent in front of the hut in the kindness of her husband

15: Tent after 30 hut before, to the root of work tomorrow.

Although applied to Russell.
Or N, trace completed until eight cases eye verge for the time being remain low contribution.

Sunset is beautiful completely hit.

17: 30 dinner alone just dry food

Evening drink hot water split corner.

You can then watch the night view of Kofu

20: 00 going to bed


February 24, the second day (Sunday)

400: be dry!

I'll say to upcoming cousin to go for the time being!

600: snow was supposed to small-sized.

6: Struggle of 30 yesterday 8 if eye arrival as lie.

Rocky appeared to go and Zubozubo the ridge line that was accumulated Puffs destination from there.

And Ne mon If you move the body, I will gobble Russell today.

It is said that earlier, but please, wait just below And there are people who worked hard from myself.

8: High five unintentionally 30 Kai komagatake summit Da~a all

Wind there is no scenery are strong and it is feeling - but Samu, commemorative shooting hope in full dress for the time being.

Sometimes cloud becomes thinner, but unfortunately weather.

Pattern that can stand tall and will arrive under this surely.


Worsens visibility slightly

Or getting better

10: Tent withdrawal in the strong wind and the chat of ascent often arrive to 30 tent.



12: Shimoyama start also completed 00 packing.
Awkward to traverse for the first time in over thought luggage.

Oh snow cave

Gatun go into forest zone.

Not long going down I mean?
It also frozen so, since removed crampons anymore.
And then cold at all I mean.
Out and 16:00 in the car crackling with (Oreimairi)

Take the car, and after the Kai pieces sunny completely.

But wind is quite strong.



A few days later, motivation switch of rock that enters the cold is too warm like lie, it was to finish the winter season, leaving a numbness in his right hand ...

Next season Ssu who regards your voice over us with Fumifumi or buried it together Naa want to go north!


To reduce the weight of the compact luggage, to eliminate external to Zach further.

I do frequently throat without dry the water supply.

I do more rapidly construction, withdrawal of tent even strong winds.

At the summit, it is not held in bare hands ice ax and with glee ...

2013.02.23From shooting Hokuto HP

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