2017/9/24 Tanigawadake Hiking,,ja,2017/9/24 K child, I went hiking in the Tanigawa.,,ja,Since the summit of autumn leaves were beautiful, and reports hasten easy!,,ja

2017/9/24 K子、谷川岳にハイキングに行ってきました。









This weekend, because her husband found the party is going to Kasokenosawa of Tanigawa, K-child appointments has become the cancellation of the weekend let me accompany hastily, decided to climb to one person Tanigawadake.,,ja,9/23 (Sat),,ja,S's go to Kasokenosawa, picking up the Y's in the car, toward the doai station.,,ja

Story of Mont Blanc ascent of Mr. S is in a car, especially listening to the story that eye has become invisible in disability, and I want you to report in such a valuable experience what climbing report, much want to write instead what if K child I thought!,ja
22:00, arriving in doai station. The car had stopped about 10 units, is to station a few people were poised to bed.,,ja,Bright in the station, moth also full, also could not sleep at all K child go to bed wearing eye mask.,,ja,9/24 (day),,zh-CN

3 o'clock wake up. Kasokenosawa set is taking place in accordance to departure, to move to the ropeway of parking in the car. After seeing off three people, again go to bed but not sleep at all K child.,,ja,6 o'clock departure, climb the Nishikuro ridge.,,ja

And Shindoku in less 15 minutes out climbing, but also to think of going in the ropeway back, and people are more and more came, pushed by the momentum, it was going unawares until it leaves the forest zone. Although the chain field is followed by some number from here, whether there are many people who do not accustomed mountain, a little congestion feeling. But gradually it becomes their own pace, Ikeru climbing at an appropriate sense of distance.,ja

Today, really good is feeling a very refreshing wind in fine autumn day (but, foot heavy ....),,ja,And obtain look back, Asahidake also, was showing a neat appearance.,,ja,Tomah ear, the ear of Oki looks.,,ja






















Difference in elevation about 1300m from the trailhead, but it was tiring, somehow arrived! !,,ja,Since the ear is crowded likely, in the ear in front of Thomas, eat an early lunch.,,ja,Once you have a little progress with or try to go only ear of Tomah Niigata side autumn colors come jump into the eye.,,ja,Have any autumn leaves,,ja







And Oki of the ear was or thought - which is similar to do it - and Mount Ishizuchi was such a triangle. Since the coming several times in the Tanigawa, I did not go to the ear of Oki.,,ja,K child even while enjoy the autumn leaves, and it may be worrisome.,,ja















In fact, in the morning, around Tanigawadake helicopter is not turning a low altitude, I thought that he accident has occurred. Because I flying per Ichinokura, even while I think that would not be Kasokenosawa, I had become a little worried that it would be there was something to my husband found the party.,ja
Then, in a fun "here I saw heaven hoo" autumn leaves ropeway Some hikers to say that, on the other hand, the east side had or thought Toka Do'm mountain feel to close even the death.,ja

K child is return was also down the west black ridge, down also I asked the people of the tough (later tourism organizations, people who use the descent the Nishikuro ridge was that of a few. Certainly down the people less it was).,,ja,And 14:30 descent.,,ja

Shimoyama to, haste, I asked for those climbing guidance center "Do I but was flying the helicopter had an accident?", And "morning Ichinokura, now seems looking for around Yuhisogawa" is said, it is unscrupulous but was a little relieved.,ja
Then, much everyone when the kana come back for one hour, but was waiting while talking with people of one and the tourism association of center, today heard that the Kasokenosawa contains six sets, how when absorbing Hetten Shimoyama I think after, we decided to wait to sleep back to the car.,ja


At around 17, my husband found three people (one of whom is a little Herohero) has been is back.,,ja,The Kasokenosawa put in one fastest, enjoy! ! It was like the.,,ja,(And say which way do you have high importance is more of it, but) of the report Kasokenosawa is not for you, but you leave put photos.,,ja










By the way, the impressions in Kasokenosawa,,ja,Was that of a "not useful Sawakutsu in bamboo slope!". This is a joke, in detail is that of the Y's are reported in the meeting.,,ja,Honestly, It was Tanigawadake climbed to around killing time, it was good to look at the unexpectedly autumn leaves.,,ja



What topics is also no report, but I was allowed to report that autumn leaves hasten it was beautiful.,ja

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