2017/12/23-24Komagatake Kai (Kurodo ridge),ja

Member: I Village, S Saki, S tree,,ja,Snow-covered mountains of the foot break in the Kai to Komagatake. However, the Pacific Ocean side from getting in December rainfall is close to zero. Sure enough, fallen leaves of Russell continues from Ojiro River Valley trailhead.,,ja,Fallen leaves of Russell,,ja



But with the snow from around the blade length, until the 5th hut advances the step without the crampons.,,ja,Snow from around the blade length,,ja,Ladders and chain field is continuous from the case first hut mark. Not afraid because it is in place than when I came long ago.,,ja,Lock field,,zh-TW




Around 2:30 I arrive on the seventh length hut. Ten field is the first to submit a surprise. Old man threesome only drink beer When you pitch a tent. Dinner in the parent-child bowl.,ja

The next morning, but the weather was a concern, not bad in slightly cloudy weather. Moreover, not cold contains the warm-up because it cyclones proceed to the Sea of ​​Japan side.,,ja,Morning sun,,ja


In miso ramen taking breakfast, start walking from 6 o'clock. Steep registration continues to rise from ten field of breath. However, snow is not gone, there is no feeling that is hard to walk.,,ja,Sudden Noboru of snow,,ja,To 9 sometimes peak missing a something a little chain field. Enjoy the prospect of 360 °.,,ja,To back the Kitadake,,ja




Phoenix three mountains and Mount Fuji,,ja,Long descent from folded the tent, yet painful to walk endlessly on the road with no snow in the hard winter shoes.,,ja,Snow is small, and the weather is also too good, but also feel a little unsatisfactory to the training of the winter mountains, it was good seemed able to receive and enjoy.,,ja



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