Introduction of Board

To Alpine winter climbing, shower climbing, mountain skiing, climbing from general mountaineering, Omiya Alpine Club is carrying out activities in all seasons, in all-round.

If you are interested in mountain climbing, you can join anyone.
If Kei party recently は も で mountaineering を Le shi san iru yo ku see posture を cliff ru ka yo-u ni na ri ma shi ta.

Omiya Alpine Club does not matter the age, gender.
It has also enhanced guidance and training to the novice and training, such as distress measures.
Senior experienced also kindly tell us more.

Come on!

Is a member wanted now.
(People in the rest of the week, I'm going also weekday climbing.)

· Club data ...
[Name] Omiya Alpine Club
[Date] established July 1, 2004
[Membership] 53 (male 35, female 18)(April 2014 now)Up to 20-60 generations are enrolled.
To Alpine winter climbing, shower climbing, mountain climbing ski from [form] general climbing, I'm going to all-round.
[Given] every month two meetings back (Membership within the reference case